Blueline Building Solutions FAQ


Learn what makes Blueline different from other general contractors and how we can save you time and money.

Blueline is a licensed Class A contractor established to build what Blue Ridge Architects designs. Blueline was founded on the principle that integrating design and construction is more efficient and gives you, the owner, more control of your project.  Working with the same team from design through construction means you’ll save time, money and get the quality craftsmanship you expect.

What is Construction Management?

With Construction Management, the Owner enters into a contract directly with each trade or sub-contractor doing work on the project.  The Construction Manager manages the schedule and makes sure the work is done properly. Each month the Construction Manager assembles invoices from the sub-contractor and material suppliers. The Construction Manager reviews them for correctness, summarizes them in one report. The report is submitted to the Owner who pays each subcontractor and material supplier directly. 

How is Blueline different than other General Contractors?

General Contractors give you a single price (also known as a ‘lump-sum”) for the cost of your work.  In that single price is the cost for all the sub-contractors, materials and equipment needed for your job as well as the cost of the General Contractor’s overhead and profit. Every month you get a bill from the General Contractor who then pays the sub-contractors and suppliers.

Blueline practices open-book Construction Management.  Each month we collect all the bills for the material, equipment and sub-contractors. We review them, summarize them in one report, and forward them to the Owner to pay the bills directly.

We believe that open-book Construction Management is more transparent. With lump sum contracts, it is hard to tell what any single part of the project actually costs. With Blueline’s open-book Construction Management, we can tell you exactly what each material and trade costs.

How Do Construction Managers get paid?

The Construction Manager gets paid by adding a fee to the sum of invoices for that month. This fee is negotiated with and agreed to by the Owner before the start of the Project. Typically it is a percentage of the project costs. The Owner pays the Construction Manager directly.

Is Blueline a design/build company?

Yes, Blueline can provide design services through our partner company, Blue Ridge Architects. We believe many projects benefit by hiring the Construction Manager before design starts and having the Construction Manager organize and oversee the design process.

What is the relationship between Blue Ridge Architects and Blueline?

We are two companies, but one team. Blueline is owned by Randy Seitz – a licensed contractor and architect.  Randy is also majority shareholder of Blue Ridge Architects. The companies share staff and offices.

What is the advantage of Construction Management?

Transparency and Flexibility. Construction Management allows Owners to see who is doing each portion of the work and where every dollar on their project is going. Owners also have the flexibility to have volunteers or their own staff perform portions of the work. Sometimes an Owner needs to do more (or less) work on a project. Construction Management allows you to adjust project scope without paying a penalty.

How do I know I’m getting the best price with Blueline?

Blueline gets competitive pricing for every portion of your project. On your behalf, Blueline gets multiple prices for each trade and for all the materials in your project. We evaluate these bids, review them with you and make sure you are confident that you are getting the best value for your project.

Is Construction Management the best way to do all projects?

No. While any project can be done using Construction Management, there several reasons why an Owner may choose single price General Contracting.  Sometimes organizations – banks, boards, government agencies – require that projects be competitively bid to General Contractors. For larger, more complex projects, Owners sometimes believe that a single-price general contract is less risky because it is historically the more common way of doing a project.

Choosing the right way to build your project requires a careful analysis of risks and rewards. If we, at Blueline, feel our way of doing things isn’t right for your project, we’ll let you know and share our reasons.

Why doesn’t Blueline compete for projects by bidding?

Because we serve Owners best when we manage the entire process – planning, design and construction. We believe having one team throughout the project removes the inefficiency and cost of having separate, redundant managers for the design and construction process. It allows Owners to make changes anytime in the project without paying the penalties associated with change orders.

Blueline is built for the Owner who wants work with one team start to finish.

Are there other services Blueline provides?

Yes. Blueline helps Owners figure out if they are ready to do a project. Even before design starts, we provide strategic planning and financial pro forma. These services give Owners the confidence that they can afford the project and that the project serves the mission and purpose of their organization.

Blueline also manages the portions of construction that General Contractors typically don’t do. Working with Blue Ridge Architects, interior designers, Blueline can purchase and install furniture and artwork. General Contractors often exclude specialty vendors like security, IT, video and audio system, landscaping and so on. Blueline can get competitive pricing for these packages and make sure their work is done right – on time and on budget.

How does Blueline save money?

Through efficiency and harnessing the experience of trades. Blueline does not charge general conditions. General Conditions is a monthly fee that General Contractors charge to cover their overhead. Blueline charges you only for the expenses associated with your job.

Blueline believes good ideas can come from anyone. By involving trusted sub-contractors and suppliers in the design phases of a project we can find ways to change the design that will save money in the field.

If you do need to make a change, you pay only for the direct cost (materials + labor) of the change.  There are none of the higher mark-ups or retained profits that typical construction contracts have.

How does Blueline save time?

By finding ways to have work overlap rather than happen sequentially. For example, Blueline can gather pricing for plumbing, while the cabinets are being designed. We can start renovation of an existing space while an Owner makes decisions about a new addition. By pricing while we design, Blueline can potentially save the four to six weeks it takes to bid a project to General contractors.

By having the entire design and construction team working together from the start we avoid the inefficiency of introducing a major team member late in the process.

Who runs Blueline?

Kevin Bailey is President of Blueline and runs day to day operations. Kevin has 30+ years of experience managing construction projects of all sizes and worked with the largest contractors on our area.