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Project Manager

Date Created: May 21, 2014
Classification: Non-Exempt
Office Location: Harrisonburg, Va. or Charlotte, N.C.
Salary Grade: $45,000 to $60,000
Reports to: Blue Ridge Architects, PC – Sr. Project Manager

Job Summary: Produce design and contract documents through organization and management of internal (Blue Ridge Architects employees) and external (consultant) resources

Primary Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  1. Produce building programs based on interview with and material provided by client
  2. Develop conceptual solutions/designs that meet programmatic and budget requirements of client
  3. Craft work plans that identify project milestones and determine staff and consultant resources necessary to meet firm’s contractual obligation to the client
  4. Oversee day to day work by Architectural Associates
  5. Ensure that quality assurance reviews are conducted at required points in project work plan
  6. Identify the scope of necessary plans, sections, elevations, details, notes, schedules and specifications to be included in the project’s contract documents
  7. Provide necessary information to consultants and hold consultants accountable for accuracy and timeliness of their work.
  8. Plan and execute presentations to clients
  9. Prepare specifications
  10. Research products and techniques for their use in projects
  11. Develop estimates of probable cost
  12. Participate in meetings with clients, contractors, vendors, government officials, etc. at direction of the Sr. Project Manager and/or Principal-in-Charge
  13. Perform construction-phase services

Additional Requirements:

  1. Demonstrated understanding of building systems and how buildings are constructed
  2. Ability to mentor less-experienced staff
  3. Commitment to resolving conflicts and misunderstandings in a respectful, equitable manner
  4. Ability to inspire confidence in clients and potential clients with professionalism, expertise within areas of responsibility, and strong interpersonal skills
  5. Commitment to continuing professional development
  6. Ability to work collaboratively yet also accept direction from the firm’s Vice-President or designee
  7. Good time management skills and ability to complete projects on time and accurately
  8. Effective written and verbal communication
  9. Demonstrate initiative, creativity and professional drive
  10. Highly ethical

Submit resumes to Melanie Eby, Practice Manager at and list “Project Manager” and the location you prefer (Harrisonburg or Charlotte) in the subject line.

This job description reflects management’s current determination of the position’s essential function/duties. Nothing restricts management’s right to amend this job description, assign or reassign functions/duties, or change its title at any time.