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A Superbowl Every Sunday

A Superbowl Every Sunday

by Randy Seitz

I recently attended one night of Awakening–The Revival at Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Fla. A tremendous night of worship and preaching made truly memorable by the opportunity to look behind the scenes at the talent and technology involved in the service. We were there with our client, Lifepoint Church, and WAVE.

Our tour began with the audio and video control rooms, computer server room, and a look at the facility where they produce custom videos. We hung out in the control booth during light and sound checks for the evening’s service. The impressive WAVE 4D sound system allows every seat in the 3,500-seat auditorium to hear true stereo sound.

The new Celebration Arena has a welcoming, dramatic and hip entrance. Video monitors rather than signage guide visitors through the facility, allowing the church to change room use and re-configure signage with taps on a keyboard rather than buying all new signage. Walls throughout the facility appear plain and neutral until the LED lighting system comes on-line to make vibrant and diverse environments that can be changed depending on the use of the building.

At lunch with the team from WAVE I remarked at the quality and complexity of the production values that went into not only that night’s service, but every single Sunday morning. I remarked that the creativity, hard work and professionalism the church staff pours into each service must rival what goes into producing a television show. Armando Fullwood of WAVE responded, “It’s more like producing a Super Bowl Halftime show.”

We’re thrilled that our work at Blue Ridge Architects lets us see and learn from churches like Celebration. If you see how our experience can bring energy and creativity to your church, call us.